Our Philosophy

I am working exclusively with people looking to buy homes rather than people looking to sell their homes. This new approach in many other states, including Massachusetts, is a way to avoid a conflict of interest in the area of real estate sales. For example, think of when you purchased your last new car. Did you feel that the salesman at the show room was dedicated to getting you the best deal on the car you were looking to buy, or more interested in getting the most money possible for the car dealership? In much the same way, when you are seeking to have someone represent you in the purchase of a new home, you must be comfortable that the person with whom you are dealing represents you exclusively, not the person selling the home.

After moving from California to Boston I realized that buying and selling homes is different here than in California, where I had bought and sold my own home. Real estate agents here, for a long time, have only represented the people selling the homes, not people buying the homes. Whenever you go to view a property that is for sale, look at the sheet that is handed out by real estate agents at the open houses. You will notice at the bottom of the page that it says that the agent represents the seller of the property in all transactions. Most real estate companies have agents who have passed courses certifying that they are recognized buyers' agents. And yet, these agents, and the companies for whom they work, primarily represent people looking to sell homes, as shown by the photos in the real estate companies' windows. This is certainly legal and for many it may work well. However, we feel that the possibility of conflicts of interest are too great to be realistically ignored.

Consequently, we have decided that we will exclusively represent buyers in their search to find new homes. We suggest that whenever you meet with an agent, you should always ask them if they, or anyone in their company, ever work as agents for people looking to sell their homes. If they can show you in writing that they only work with buyers, this can help you make a better decision in regard to your representation. Rental clients began asking if we did any work in the area of sales of homes. We did not, so were unable to assist them in their search. We have decided to move into the area of sales to better assist our clients in their search for a more permanent place to call home. In finding your new home, we are only guides. Ultimately, it will be you who must decide upon the areas you want to live and the home you wish to make your own. We hope that we can work with you in your search and offer our assistance in your decision making process. Best of luck in your search for a home and in your search for a path in life.